GMABFC is an acronym (or short name) for Give Me A Break From Cancer.

GMABFC started officially in 2011 as part of Inova’s Life with Cancer program. In late 2015, GMABFC became a formal program of the Zaching Against Cancer Foundation (ZACF), a non-profit charity founded by a young adult, Zachary Lederer, battling brain cancer. The Inova Life with Cancer program continues to support GMABFC by providing patient referrals for breaks.

ZACF ( is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to cancer patients and their support networks through scholarships, internships, research, and outreach. GMABFC is one of ZACF’s outreach programs, providing direct support in the form of breaks to young adult cancer patients and their caregivers.

ZACF’s headquarters is located in Columbia, Maryland and operates primarily within the DC metropolitan area.

GMABFC is located in Northern Virginia and operates primarily within the DC metropolitan area.

GMABFC defines a young adult as a person between the ages of 18 and 39. This age range may be expanded slightly at the discretion of GMABFC.

To qualify for a break, a person must be a “young adult” as defined by GMABFC. Second, the young adult must have had a diagnosis of cancer, but does not have to currently be in active treatment. The applicant can be considered for a break as long as some form of cancer treatment has been received within the past 12 months of the break application date. Lastly, the young adult must have an oncology healthcare professional or social worker submit the break application on his/her behalf.

You can submit a break request through the Contact page of our website. A GMABFC volunteer will then be in touch with you to explain the process and provide the required forms for you and your oncology healthcare professional to complete and return. In the near future, we plan to have our forms available for online completion and submission.

You can submit a break referral through the Contact page of our website. Make sure you provide contact information for your referral so that we can follow up with him/her. Or, you can tell the young adult about GMABFC and have him/her contact us directly via our Contact page to request a break.

No. GMABFC works with young adults from any cancer support program or treatment facility within the DC metropolitan area.

GMABFC is currently an “all-volunteer” organization. We do not have any paid employees and we are careful to keep our administrative expenses to a minimum. Over 80% of our monetary donations are spent directly on our mission of providing breaks to young adults living with a cancer diagnosis.

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